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The Vajolet Valley

This hiking trip in the Dolomites will reach the foothills of the majestic southern Vajolet Peaks . You will stay mesmerised by cherishing the mountain walls shaped by the power of the nature. Leaving from the famous Ciampediè, from which you may start several interesting routes, we will cross the Vajolet Valley, reaching then the Principe Pass. Everybody can face this kind of itinerary, although it is a medium-long trip, due to its well-made paths. The altitude difference ranges from 700 m uphill and downhill.

Rifugio Roda di Vaèl

In this hiking trip, you may enjoy the imposing peaks of the Kesselkogel. We will go through the Alta Via of the Fassa Valley leaving from Ciampediè making a trip around the Vajolon Valley. This itinerary can be easily done in half day with 360 m altitude difference.


One of the most beautiful hiking trips on the Kesselkogel reaching its highest peak on 3004 m. This trekking in Fassa Valley is recommended to expert hikers. This trip takes a whole day with 1110 m altitude difference. If you want to enjoy this itinerary calmly, you may stay one night at Rifugio Antermoia, which rises on the foothills of the most majestic peak.

Roda di Vaèl

You may follow the itinerary that will let you around the Roda di Vaèl leaving from Paolina Refuge in Karerpass in good physical conditions in approximately half day with 535 m altitude difference.


From Col Rodella, after reaching the Sella Pass, you may make this trip surrounding the magnificent Langkofel. This long tour has 320 m uphill and 820 m downhill altitude difference and suits everyone thanks to its safe ground.


Even this trip starts from Col Rodella. Once you reach the Langkofel Saddle, you may make the trip around the Plattkofel. This itinerary takes long too and suits sure-footed hikers.

Viel dal Pan

This trail is suitable for everyone, both children and adults. You may leave from several starting points to reach the Fedaia Pass, enjoying spectacular views of the Marmolada. This hiking trip takes half day with 170 uphill and 510 m downhill altitude difference.

Piz Boè

This route offers unbelievable landscapes from beginning to end.  Sass Pordoi is the starting point, where we will enjoy the majesty of the Dolomites. We will continue up to Piz Boè with a panoramic lunar landscape. This trail is suitable for sure-footed hikers who are already familiar with the rocky surface.

Torre di Pisa

The imposing Latemar Group, where the Torre di Pisa Refuge rises, is located eastern from Fassa Valley. We will go through Valsorda, after leaving from Forno, a neighbourhood of Moena, up to Cima Cavignon at 2671 m and its hut from which we will cherish the Pala Group and the Fiemme Dolomites. Although it is not a particularly hard trip, it is suitable for strong hikers due to its length.

Fuciade and Forca Rossa Pass

A trail on dirt and well-made roads starting from San Pellegrino Pass will let you up to Rifugio Fuciade, from which you will enjoy the Nothern side of the Pala Group and the Marmolada. Following, we will reach the Forca Rossa Pass that creates colour suggestions due to its red rocks. This hiking trip takes one day and has 580 m uphill and downhill altitude difference.

Alta Via Mariotta

Leaving from San Pellegrino Pass cable car, that will let you up to Col Margherita, you will start the Alta Via Mariotta, where you will still find the traces of the First World War. Following, we will continue towards Iuribrutto Peak and then hike down into dell’Orso Pass. In the end, we will go back to our starting point. This one-day trip has 700 m altitude difference and is suitable for medium-trained hikers.

Customised hiking trips

There is a wise choice of hiking trips and walks to follow in the Dolomites. I will help you find the trips that suit your fitness level most.